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Oh my god! That was amazing, I love all of it. I don't know if it deserves five stars but, all of it made me laugh. It is a well made alternative intro parody.

Listen, um. you had me before the images actually appeared. My memory thankfully blocked them after they appeared. I found this to be very funny, and I applaud the visuals as disturbing as they are. Above all, an interesting idea and I would like to see it.

I agree with everyone else commenting; may I have another? It also holds a good moral; anyone can change.

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I like this, even though it's crazy simple. the idea of an arena isin't rare but blocks against blocks in an arena is. I wan't some friends to come over now so I can play them. People should be able to play against the computer, or maybe online.

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Outstanding, really loved it and your others. Unfortunately, I am another voice actor looking to impress others the way you did me. Except now, compared to this, I feel like a total newbie. Although I am one, I wish to boost my confidence by collaborating with others, to stop speculating and really get a feel for what I can do with what I have. Can you teach me a few tips or tricks? If not that is okay (Sort of joking but also not).

LegendofDelza responds:

Research, practice, and patience.

Everything you have to teach yourself is right in front of you.


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Reminds me of the Grandfather in Ben 10; good if it still hold up. I don't know what it is though, with the color and the art and stuff, it could be the shading. I like it. I like the guns, the point of view the dastardly smile (he's holding a gun, people with guns look wicked) he has, and the pip in his step. "I'm comin' for ya, Nazi fuckin' spaceman!" Oh shit is he the Nazi? or Is he the one chasing the Nazi?

Raziberry responds:

Is he the Nazi? Heck naw, man! This is BJ Blazkowycz, the man who killed Hitler!

I am Dante or DrF33L600D. Now being a user of newgrounds.com, I feel inclined to use it properly: uploading, criticizing, and collaborating. Please contact me via newgrounds.com if collaboration is your goal. At the moment I want to voice act.

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